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Transitions and special effects are commonly used to add visual interest and a professional touch to movies created in Windows Movie Maker. While a number of effects, titles/credits and transitions were included in the more recent versions of Movie Maker, one of its' nice features is the ability to create your own through the use of a custom xml file. In addition, for versions 6.0 and below, users with some programmimg skills can build them from scratch using C++ and the Windows Media Transforms included in the Microsoft DirectX Media SDK.

Fortunately, a large number of custom effects, titles/credits and transitions have been developed and made available to the public by various Movie Maker users. The "FX Archive" provides a central repository and access point for these items and provides a collection of XML Generators and resources to assist those users wishing to create their own custom effects, titles/credits and/or transitions. Currently, there are 2336 items in the FX Archive database which you may download and use for free, as long as their use is for personal, non-commercial purposes. Click here to see a list of the forum members who have created the custom XML files included in the FX Archive.

This site was created by Nicholas and Neophyte, forum members at http://www.windowsmoviemakers.net/forums/ and is currently being maintained by Neophyte. It draws heavily on the outstanding efforts of forum members fishycomics (who developed the initial compilation for the XP items) and considerate_guy (who developed the initial compilation for the Vista items). Please use the "Contact Neo" page to send an email with your comments and suggestions on how this site might be improved or to submit material for inclusion in the FX Archive.

To access the various items included in the FX Archive, please click on the links in the table below or the appropriate item in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

Windows XP
(versions 2.x of Movie Maker)
(version 6.0 of Movie Maker)
Windows Live Movie Maker 2011
(version 15.4 of Movie Maker)

XP Effects

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XP Titles and Credits

Vista Effects

Vista Transitions

Vista Titles and Credits

WLMM 2011

Please note that, due to implementation differences between versions 2.x, version 6.0 and WLMM, the version 2.x items will not work in version 6.0 or WLMM and the version 6.0 items will not work in versions 2.x or WLMM and the WLMM items will not work in versions 2.x or version 6.0.